Chicago’s dispensary deals are evolving rapidly, and at the forefront is Maribis, a dispensary known for its exceptional deals and diverse range of cannabis products. Catering to both medical marijuana cardholders and recreational users, Maribis stands out in the Illinois dispensary scene.

Illinois Dispensary Discounts

The cannabis market in Illinois has seen a notable trend in dispensary discounts, greatly benefiting both recreational users and medical marijuana cardholders. These discounts reflect a diverse market that caters to a broad range of cannabis consumers.

  • Recreational Users: Recreational cannabis enthusiasts find these discounts appealing as they allow access to a variety of cannabis products, from pre-rolls to edibles, at more affordable prices. This enhances the overall experience, making it more accessible and enjoyable.
  • Medical Marijuana Cardholders: For medical patients, these discounts are particularly significant. They make necessary medical marijuana more affordable, ensuring that patients have access to their prescribed treatments without financial strain.

Best Chicago Dispensary Deals

$150 Concentrate Bundle Deal (Green Wednesday)

Maribis offers a $150 concentrate bundle, allowing customers to explore various high-quality concentrates. This deal is perfect for those who appreciate the potency and variety of cannabis concentrates.


  • AJ Sour Diesel Live Badder (1g)
  • Dawgs Waltz x Hanis Live Badder (1g)
  • Candy Coast Sugar (1g)
  • Animal Mint Cake Live Resin Badder (1g)
  • Candy Store Live Sugar (1g)
  • Crossbow Badder (1g)
  • Lemon Tree Live Resin Wax (1g)
  • Goji Punch Live Budder (1g)

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$60 Edible Bundle Deal (Green Wednesday)

For edible enthusiasts, Maribis presents a $60 bundle deal. Edibles offer a distinct and long-lasting cannabis experience, and this bundle is an excellent opportunity for customers to sample different types and flavors.


  • Apple Pie Caramels 5pk (100mg)
  • Caramels 5pk (100mg)
  • Lavender Honey CBN Gems 5pk (100mg)
  • Strawberry Lemonade Gems 5pk (100mg)
  • Caramel Apple White Chocolate Crunch Bar (100mg)
  • The Funnies Gummies Grapezzz (100mg)
  • Sparkling Strawberry Fast Acting Gummies 10pk (100mg)

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2/$100 on Lula’s Nuggies

Lula’s Nuggies are popular for their quality, and it’s a steal at 2 for $100. This deal caters to those who enjoy the convenience and experience of pre-rolled products.


  • Blackout Nuggies (7g)
  • Lollypop Nuggies (7g)
  • Ruby Slippers Nuggies (7g)
  • Tangerine Chem Nuggies (7g)

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$40 PRE-TAX on Lula’s Grass

Offering Lula’s Grass at $40 pre-tax, Maribis ensures that customers get access to top-quality cannabis without breaking the bank.


  • AJ Sour Diesel Grass (7g)
  • Dubble Rainbow Grass (7g)
  • Bubba Zanetti Grass (7g)
  • Tangerine Chem Grass (7g)
  • Yellow Brick Road Grass (7g)

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1 for $30 or 2 for $50 on 1g Concentrates

Concentrates are known for their potency, and Maribis’ deal of 1 for $30 or 2 for $50 is an attractive offer for concentrate enthusiasts.


  • Hot Mint Sundae Sauce (1g)
  • Grape Sugar Cookies Sugar (1g)
  • Cheese Wiz Badder (1g)
  • Chem De Menthe Sauce (1g)
  • AJ Sour Diesel Sauce (1g)
  • Flying Monkeys Badder (1g)

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Happy Hour and Early Bird Specials (Monday to Friday)

Maribis’ happy hour and early bird specials, including a ‘buy 3, get one free’ deal, are perfect for those who plan their dispensary visits strategically to get the best value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dispensary discounts available to both residents and non-residents of Illinois?

Yes, discounts at dispensaries are open to both residents and non-residents, but non-residents should be aware of possession limits as per state laws.

Do I need a medical marijuana card to get discounts at Illinois dispensaries?

Not necessarily. While some discounts are specific for medical marijuana cardholders, many dispensaries offer discounts for all customers, including recreational users.

Are there restrictions on the types of products that can be discounted at Illinois dispensaries?

Discounts may apply to various products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and more, though specific restrictions depend on the dispensary’s policies and the discount’s nature.

Can tourists enjoy dispensary discounts in Illinois?

Yes, tourists can benefit from dispensary discounts, but should remain mindful of the legal limits for cannabis possession for non-residents.

How often do dispensaries in Illinois offer discounts?

Dispensaries may regularly offer discounts, including daily specials, weekly deals, or special promotions for events like holidays. It’s best to check with individual dispensaries for their current offers.

Can discounts be combined with other offers or promotions at dispensaries?

This varies by dispensary. Some discounts may be separate from other offers or promotions.

What Do Customers Say About Our Deals

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“Awesome rotating daily deals and a great selection of all kinds of product. Very friendly and helpful staff, I was with Yani and she was phenomenal!!”

Ben Keeley

“This was the best place i have ever been too. Such nice customer service, always having great fun deals, and most importantly the best quality. Definitely going to come back for more. 10/10 recommend”

Donn Elly

“If you’re looking for a easy in-and-out this this is a place to go. good products good deals great customer service All in all is a 10 out of 10 experience I would recommend coming and I will travel miles to come back!”

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Discovering Unmatched Value at Maribis

In the ever-evolving cannabis landscape of Chicago, Maribis stands out as a beacon for exceptional dispensary deals and a diverse array of cannabis products. Their deals, catering to both recreational cannabis users and medical patients, underscore the inclusive nature of their business. Whether it’s the sought-after Green Wednesday specials, the convenience of pre-rolls, or the medicinal benefits of various strains, Maribis ensures every customer finds something to suit their needs.

For residents and non-residents alike, Maribis represents not just a dispensary but a cornerstone of Chicago’s cannabis community. Their commitment to providing great deals, coupled with a focus on customer education and access, solidifies their position as a leader in the Illinois cannabis market. As you navigate the bustling streets of Chicago IL, or explore the West Loop area, remember that Maribis is more than just a store; it’s a gateway to a world of quality, affordability, and cannabis excellence.